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Jimmy D. Epley

Jimmy D. Epley has been in the tax and financial industry since 1997. He obtained his investment licenses in 2002. He has helped clients maneuver through 3 market downturns since then. He is adept at keeping his clients engaged in their desires and goals. He has a holistic approach when it comes to financial planning with the view through a tax focused lens. He uses Emoney as the foundation for all financial and retirement planning. JD's Wealth Management Group, LLC was formed in 2011 with a vision of helping all clients with their wealth management needs. He likes to work with retired clients and pre retirees with $250,000+ in investable assets. He works hand in hand helping them to achieve their retirement goals with a vision of protecting their assets while at the same time minimizing their taxes. His goal is to provide them Peace of Mind when it comes to their financial picture.